Some immediate reader responses to the book

Eike Hartmann, PhD
International Minister of Vedic Architecture
for the Global Country of World Peace

“Thank you for your masterful work on cosmic art. All the architects in my office are currently reviewing it. You have wonderfully integrated all the Vedic Sciences with the world of the visual arts. This book could be a basis for ‘Heaven on Earth’ art classes. Your Absolute Image Series of Paintings are a visual representation of cosmic intelligence. They are living impulses of consciousness, pulsating, expanding, revolving and contracting from their center point. Many of us have enjoyed similar visions with the inner eyes and always wondered how they could be made to appear to the outer eyes. With the special technique of handcrafting you have developed, plus your infinite skill, precision and patience, you have indeed made manifest in your paintings a universal level of expression.”

Vernon Katz, PhD
Author and leading expert
on Maharishi Vedic Science

“This book is packed with knowledge and beautiful images. It opens up a whole new world for the reader. Lawrence Sheaff accompanies his unique works of art with a fascinating commentary that convincingly unfolds for the reader the very deepest principles underlying our powers of seeing.”

Peter Swan, PhD
International Minister of Communications
for the Global Country of World Peace

“This is an extraordinarily beautiful book, deeply inspiring. It is also a profound personal investigation into what makes art, saturated with the influence over many years of the legendary sage of Vedic science, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. I wish every artist would read it and take it to heart.”

Hollis Taggart
President of the Hollis Taggart Galleries,
Chelsea and Upper East Side, New York

“Lawrence Sheaff’s new book, ‘Absolute Image: The Structure of Consciousness in Visual Form’, is a tour de force, a magnificent breakthrough in the uniting of fine art and human consciousness. The original hand crafted artwork by Sheaff is of extraordinary quality and draftsmanship, and has been faithfully reproduced in the highest quality images contained in this exquisite new publication. The work is mesmerizing, intricate, and transcendental in nature. Sheaff represents the subtle and very real structure of the physical universe in visual form, a feat unknown in the modern world. This book is a must for artists, art lovers, and spiritual seekers from all walks of life.”

Howard Settle
Entrepreneur / Art Collector

“I was absolutely thrilled to have your book and to spend several hours slowly moving from page to page. I truly believe you are expressing fundamental structures that describe the flow of consciousness. I appreciate how you are able to draw out of the subtle transcendence the tangible expression of your own experience.

I would also like to express to you my appreciation for your dedication to the profound knowledge contained in the Vedic Science of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and for bringing it to life through your own experience and extraordinary talent.”

Melanie Brown, PhD
Author / Educator

“I just bought your beautiful, breathtaking, bliss-producing, soul-stirring work of art – called a book by some. HUGE congratulations on its magnificence!”

James Munro
Entrepreneur; Faculty, Maharishi University of Management

“Thank you for the beautiful tabletop book you have created! The combination of the imagery and narrative is a powerful one. The work has many inspirational qualities that can be used as tools to bring others, whether they may be artists or not, to appreciate that the visual arts can ascend to absolute levels of expression. Your art alone, without the narrative, can speak for itself and the narrative is also able to rest upon its own authority; this indicates that both the artistic work and narrative have multiple possibilities as to how and to whom they can be presented. This means from the broader public to those who are interested in developing higher levels of consciousness. All have been included in your simple but lucid style of writing.”

Carl Stone, PhD
Businessman / Vedic Scientist

“I just saw, held, and went through page-by-page your amazing book. Each page spoke to me of the great, deep attention you have given to every aspect of it. I particularly liked the chart you created comparing the outer expanding universe to transcending. I can really appreciate that this has been a lifetime’s dedication. You have created a magnificent legacy-work for all future artists and lovers of art to enjoy.”

Henry Brighouse
Architect / Educator

“The book is a joy to behold! You are making the laws of nature accessible in visual form. The artist’s intuition when purified becomes a conduit for the deep laws of nature to express themselves. The book is quite alive; it is full of life. The extended discussions in Part Two have allowed me to see many things in a new and fresh light and, as it were, for the first time. I clearly see how The Silent Gallery project is in fact the final stage of the manifestation of your art, bringing completion to it in the experience of ‘an infinity of infinities’. I will continue my study of the book with great interest.”

Dr. Roger Chalmers

“I love Lawrence Sheaff’s unique blend of subtle fine art, elegant graphic design, and illuminating insights into the foundations of art and the creative process in consciousness. This book is both intimately personal – encapsulating the author’s lifelong exploration of art and development of consciousness – and profoundly universal in the wholeness it creates for the reader.”

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