Absolute Image | First EditionAbsolute Image The Structure of Consciousness in Visual Form – Large Format Art BookNow Available
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First Edition

Absolute Image
The Structure of Consciousness
in Visual Form – Large Format Art Book

Now Available


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What is art?

Where does it come from?

Why is it essential to human civilization?

How deep does the relationship

go between the artist, the art-object,

and the viewer of art?

The author presents a revolutionary new vision of the visual arts that answers these fundamental questions in absolute terms and on a scientific basis.


  • Foreword by Dr. Peter Warburton,
    leading authority on Maharishi Vedic Science

    Preface by Dr. Bernard Bence

  • 25 full-page, state-of-the-art Chroma Centric color reproductions of paintings from the author’s Absolute Image Series.
  • The Author’s images are used to aid in a total re-evaluation of the visual arts in the light of a new and complete science of consciousness – Maharishi Vedic Science and Technology
  • An extensive Q&A discussion between the author and his content editor reveals how the application of the total knowledge of natural law contained in Maharishi Vedic Science actualizes the cosmic potential of the three basic components of the visual arts presented here as:

    1) the artist,

    2) the art-object,

    3) and the viewer of art